How to Scan a QR code

Ways you can scan a QR code.

    How to scan a QR Code?

    To scan a QR code, you'll need a scanning device that can scan QR codes. Place this device in front of the QR code and see what happens

    How to scan QR code on Iphone?

    1. Launch the camera app
    2. Hold your iphone in front of the QR code creating fox on it
    3. When you device recognize the code it will display a notification to ask to go online.
    4. Tap to go online for know about the stored information

    How do you scan a QR code on android ?

    1. Open your Android device's camera
    2. Move your camera so the QR code is in the frame
    3. Once scan complete you will get a url to go for more details
    4. Click on the url the information page will be apear